About 40-4d

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Our Executive Team

Dallas Van James - Guitar / Vocals
The Boyer - Guitar / Vocals
Rob Glory - Bass
Kevin Z - Drums

History of 40-4d

In early 2000 during a Science Lab class, Boyer, Robert, and Kevin started up a cover band of their friends' band Tied For Third. It was decided that Robert would play guitar, Boyer would play bass, and Kevin would play drums. They got local pimp Jeff Manthe to sing and get them the ladies. During religion class the following day they came up with the name 40-4d. Boyer started a site, they drew some logos, and the band was on its way. Soon Robert found out his cousin had a bass and he decided to pursue that and play bass for the band. Boyer switched to guitar. Manthe was kicked out of 40-4d during the infamous Vienna Babe Ruth game between the Athletics and Pirates. TFT broke up and AJ joined 40-4d. At the time he was the only member of 40-4d with an instrument (guitar). Boyer soon got a guitar and Robert followed with a bass. Kevin never bought drums and was demoted to roadie. 40-4d had some ups and downs from here in trying to find a vocalist and drummer. After some tryouts, Joe and Bill were brought in and the band became Sure-Fire Plan. They played some shows, including the only good OLGC dance ever with Glencoe Stop and Anti-Social Brigade. After one year Sure-Fire Plan broke up and 40-4d's family line was dead.

Until February 2002. Boyer's sister had gotten a keyboard for Christmas and one night Boyer and AJ came up with a keyboard/guitar collaboration, recorded on a four track. They called themselves ABC (AJ Boyer Connection) and spread the song to other people. Kevin liked it and asked if he could write lyrics to it and sing in the band. The next day in an AIM chatroom AJ, Boyer, Kevin, and Robert (brought in for bass) talked about the band and tried to come up with a new name. It was mentioned to call the band 40-4d and they decided to resurrect their old runk project. Boyer updated the other site, and they had their first practice in nearly two years. But that is where the 40-4d dream ended. The members focused on other projects and did not meet again.

Until January 2004. On a snowy night, with school cancelled for the next day, Kevin and AJ decided to go for it one more time. In their original roles (Kevin finally got a drum set), 40-4d began their quest to bring the rock back to OLGC. It took four years for 40-4d to get their first show, the Paul VI HS Marathon Madness Dance. A good time was had by all who witnessed their milestone first performance. They followed this with a slot in the Paul VI HS Battle of the Bands. 40-4d is on indefinite hiatus, but has two recorded songs available on www.purevolume.com/404d along with pictures of the band.

Until the band rises again, keep in mind 40-4d's age-old quote "Pretend like we're good and we'll pretend like we care about our fans."